@Large is an on-demand team of experienced brand leaders, marketing innovators, communication strategists and creative talent who come together to provide ‘C’ level expertise to business and brand challenges.

We were founded by Brad Parry, an industry veteran with over 20 years of hands on brand and marketing stewardship, who was frustrated at the lack of senior involvement with client businesses and set out to offer brands and businesses a different alternative. His experience spans multiple industries, sectors, brands and references work with the likes Chrysler, CanWest Media, General Motors, Syngenta, Chevy, E!, Itibiti Ventures Inc, Viafoura, ShinyAds, Tunezy, FranC87, DeepLearni.ng, Jeep & Dodge to name a few.

We bring together the best and brightest to help transform businesses into brands by driving meaningful brand, mobile, digital and customer connections through insights, data and a deep understanding of the target audience.

The size of the business is not what drives us. Winning awards is not what drives us. Meeting corporate margins is not what drives us. Finding the best solution for the specific business and brand challenge is what drives us. Reach out to book a test drive.

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